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Up to date with Budget 2023-24 rules 

Earn 20 LAKH more from your tax saving investments!


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The ultimate Tax Saving Workshop!


3 hour live workshop to save maximum tax by creating a personalized tax saving plan for yourself for FY 2024-25!

on 15th June, 2 PM | English

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Benefits you'll get

A well designed tax saving framework to help you save tax in 15+ ways and make right tax saving investments that actually build wealth for you

1. Tax Planner Tool

An easy to use powerful tool to plan all your tax savings at one place for FY 2024-25 based on latest rules.

Automatically calculates the best tax saving regime for you - Old or New? 

Plans your tax savings under 15+ different sections

Optimizes your salary structure for maximum tax saving

Configured with latest rules around HRA, Home Loan, LTA, Insurance and all possible ways to save income tax

Plans how much to invest in which scheme to save tax under 80C

Saves you from making blunders that ruin your investment returns

Helps you analyze if taking loans for saving tax is right for you

2. Tax Saving E-Book

Based on the latest rules, an end to end list of ways to save tax. 

Written in a language that humans can understand :)

Practical examples with each section along with expert commentary

50+ frequently asked questions answered

Saves you from making blunders while availing tax benefits - A fresh perspective

Checklist of documents you need to have in place to avail different tax benefits

Complimentary access to our community to continue discussions around personal finance

Covers even the very basic topics for beginners

3. FREE Risk Profiling

Some investments are safe while some are risky. You must know how much risk you can take.

Psychometric risk scoring through our proprietary tool

Analyze how much risk can you actually absorb financially

Investment recommendations based on the risk profile

Learn the secrets of increasing risk appetite as increasing risk appetite prepares you to earn higher returns

4. Bonus Calculators

Tax Planning is a great start. We'll give away some bonus tools for your holistic financial planning too.

Inflation adjusted retirement calculator - Know exactly how much you need to retire early

Inflation adjusted Insurance Calculator - Know the exact coverage you need

Don't get fooled by agents anymore, our return calculator calculates the returns for any scheme

Surprise giveaways worth thousands :) 

Get the Bonus Right Away!!!

No need to wait till the workshop to get started. The Bonus Calculators will be delivered right to your inbox as soon as you enroll :)

Limited Time Offer

3 Hour Live Workshop
1 Hour Live QnA
Tax Planner Tool for 2024-25
Free Risk Profiling
Tax Saving E-Book
Lifetime community access
+ Bonus Tools Instantly
All this at flat 80% OFF! (Today's Offer)

Sat 15th June, 2 PM

Never lose your money again while saving tax!

Join this value packed entertaning workshop

Up to date with latest Budget annoucements

Keeps you engaged with multiple activities

Quick test at the end to ensure you learn

Signed certificate for those who pass the test

Free entry in next workshop to those who fail the test

A middle class person pays most of the tax but gets least benefits. Let's change that.

Start earning more returns from your tax saving investments.

Let's make right all the wrong done so far.

Let your money work for you.  

Who am I to teach you?

Anmol Gupta, Founder 7Prosper

SEBI Licensed Financial Planner and Investment Advisor, running 7Prosper - your Personal Financial Planner.

1000+ sessions delivered in Finance and Economics with 9.9 rating out of 10

BITS Pilani Alum, Personal Finance Content Creator, Public Speaker

4 Research papers published in Market Finance and Macroeconomics

Running #MoneyKiBaat show on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and JioSaavn

Writing columns for likes of, the financial express, the quint and more

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to my participants.


I loved the honesty with which Anmol conducted this session. It was of immense value, especially to someone like me who struggles with saving tax every year! This workshop was an eye opener for me as I had been making quite a few mistakes with my tax saving investments. 

Astha Dhayal
Senior Associate, JP Morgan

Anmol lived upto his promises. I have been sold so many schemes by agents or so called advisors but this one is different. This young, energetic and fun guy changed my whole perspective about tax saving. Beware, he will call out a lot of wrongdoings of the industry as well ;)

Nitin Nema

Saving tax has been such a pain. I was looking for someone to just take care of it for me. Workshop by Anmol did just that for me. I must say that the Tax Planning tool is as easy as it can be. I got done with my tax savings in literally 1 hour after the workshop.

Gitika Singh
Senior Manager, Accenture

I am a noob when it comes to finance. Anmol has made it a breeze for me. Now, I just need to spend a few minutes every year to save my tax instead of reading the whole internet tirelessly. Thanks a lot man! Workshop is worth every penny.

Vikas Mangla
Marketing Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the recent budget updates 2024-25 covered in this workshop?

Yes. In this live workshop, you will understand how the new budget announcements will impact your tax planning in FY 2024-25. Our tax planning tool is up to date with the new rules.

Is it meant for salaried or non salaried people?

This workshop is 110% suitable for salaried employees and 80% suitable for self employed people. Most of the tax saving techniques are common for salaried as well as non salaried people. Salaried people get additional benefit of salary optimization which is covered in this workshop. Even as a non salaried person, it's beneficial to learn about salary optimization as you can incorporate your own company and start paying salary to yourself.

So, if you are paying income tax, you should attend this workshop. Doesn't matter if you are an Engineer, Doctor, Manager, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Solopreneuer, Lawyer, Consultant or any other professional. If you want to pay minimum tax and earn maximum returns, this workshop is for you. However, If you will earn below 7.5 Lakhs salary in FY 2023-24, you won't be able to apply the learnings from this workshop immediately. 

With new tax regime in place, how would this workshop help me?

In the recent budget, govt. has only changed the slabs of new tax regime. However, the old tax regime will continue to exist for some more years. If you will earn more than 7.5 LPA, it is very likely that you will pay lesser tax with the old regime. So, you still need to do your tax planning just like earlier in order to save maximum tax. This workshop will help you in deciding even the right tax regime for you based on YOUR numbers. This decision shouldn't be taken on basis of opinions.

What is it that I'll not get for free online?

Structured learning + our proprietary tax planning tool which gets your tax planning done in minutes + You will learn to save tax by considering your overall financial planning because people make blunders when they take tax saving decisions without considering their overall finances and end up losing lakhs without even knowing.

You might be able to figure out things after years of experience and learning, but remember that time is money. When we are able to offer you our years of experience and learning in such a condensed usable format, at such a low cost, why do you want to spend more time of yours? Instead, go for a vacation with the additional tax you will save after the workshop :)

Will I get any support after the workshop?

Yes!!! You'll get lifetime access to our exclusive closed community of personal finance enthusiasts. You can not only get your tax saving related doubts resolved, but also participate in valuable discussions around overall personal financial planning. You'll also get early and discounted access to our other workshops and offerings.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. At the end of the workshop, we'll be conducting a short quiz. All the participants passing the test shall receive a signed certificate. If you fail the test, you'll get free entry to our next workshop as we want you to succeed. However, 99.9% of our previous participants have cleared the test with flying colors in the first attempt itself :)

Aren't 3 hours too much or too less?

This workshop is designed to give you maximum value in minimum possible time. We could have very well made it a 8 hours workshop and charged double. But 8 hours would be infeasible for most working professionals like you. Hence, we have worked hard to create our resources, tools and processes in such a way that we deliver all the value in just 3-4 hours. Also, most of our previous participants came and said that they didn't even realize that it was 3 hours! Many of them even stayed for another 1 hour for extended discussions.

Are you going to tell any illegal ways as well?

NO! We will talk about all the legitimate ways to save tax which are hidden in the laws and difficult to understand for you. If you are looking for shady ways to avoid tax, please don't sign up :)

I am doing everything to save tax. How will this workshop benefit me?

If you think that you are doing everything under the sun to save tax, this workshop will help you in validating your tax saving methods as a lot of us don't use the tax saving sections in the right way. You will also get access to our tax planning tool which will help you in getting done with your tax planning every year. You will learn to save tax like a professional financial planner. All this and other set of tools at such a low price.

Will this workshop help me pay zero tax?

This workshop is about saving maximum tax and not evading tax in illegal ways. You can surely pay zero tax upto a certain level of annual income but it's not always possible to pay zero tax. Please don't sign up if you are looking for illegal tax saving hacks :)

Will I get recording of the workshop?

You will get recorded videos of certain topics as part of the workshop. However, there will be no recording provided for the live session. We can adjust you in the next live session once more in case you are unable to attend the session due to any emergency.

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